• 2019 Project – Sekondi School For The Deaf – Wish List / Items Needed

    2019 Project – Sekondi School For The Deaf – Wish List / Items Needed Sekondi School For The Deaf - Wish List / Items Needed ESTIMATED COST FOR ENTIRE PROJECT = $10,000 INFRASTRUCTURE Girls’ Dormitory Block Administration Block Assessment Center Infirmary Assembly Hall Sand, Stones/Chipping, Gravels, Cement Vocational Block Uncompleted Dining Hall Needs Completion Construction of School Gate TEACHING AND LEARNING MATERIALS White Board Markers Cardboards A4 Sheets, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Erasers Computers Printers Toners Scanner VEHICLES Repair Of School Bus GV. 6 - 16 FOOD STUFF Maize, Beans, Gari, Flour, Rice Tin Fish, Tin Tomatoes, Palm Oil, Dry/Fresh Fish Vegetable Cooking Oil PROVISIONS Milo Milk Chocolate Biscuits Drinks Sugar RENOVATIONS Painting - The Girls/Boys Dormitories Repair Of Ceiling Fans Street Bulbs/Bulbs To Replace Dead Ones Major Crack Repairs On Boys’ Dormitory Electrical Wires Sockets Students’ Beds And Mattresses KITCHEN (PHASE I) 2 Gas Cylinders (Capacity: 800 Litres Each) Secure Block Work Enclosure for Student’s Safety 3 Commercial Cooking Stoves 10 Pieces of Big Plastic Basins Lots of Stainless Steel Bowls Lots of Ladles Trolley To Convey Food From Store To Kitchen GENERATOR Fuel Batteries SANITATION Detergents Liquid Soap Mops and Mop Buckets Brushes Cutlass Rakes Dust Bins AUDIO CENTER Ear Washing Machine Audiometer Video Type - Otoscope
    $650.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
  • Bring innovative libraries to Ghana

    Well-trained librarians can help improve low literacy rates, improve education for thousands, and promote community development. However, Ghana's librarians lack support. This project will train 20 librarians in leadership, innovation, and information, communications, and technology.
    $10,200.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal
  • Help Provide Meals for 500 Orphaned Children

    "Farms for Orphanage Meals" ensure the availability, utilization and access to school meals. It recognizes the link between education, nutrition and skill development and is improving access to all. "Farms for Orphanage Meals" increases school attendance, retention and active teaching and learning activities in schools by more than 25 percent.
    $13,000.00 donated of $15,000.00 goal