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Best path towards lasting success for anyone is through economic opportunity. Often women are not afforded the same opportunities as men. Especially in rural areas, it is common to meet Ghanaian women who are relegated to engage in menial or degrading ways to raise money. The lack of information and poor financial support also make entrepreneurship difficult for them. Furthermore, small storekeepers do not have appropriate transportation methods and market structures, making business nearly impossible.


By providing work they can be proud of, we will not only be increasing the money they have to buy food, shelter, and pay for school fees, but we will be empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs. These women will be able to maintain their family responsibilities, earn extra income, educate themselves and become positive role models for their children and communities.

Long-Term Impact

The long-term goal is to create a large enough farm capable of sustaining itself and supporting dozens of women, enabling them to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. By reducing costs and increasing accessibility, more Ghanaians will be able to maintain healthy diets.