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Community orphanages are increasingly faced with the challenge of funding meals for the children due to limited government support, the rise in food cost and market failures. There are 500 children that need support with school meals in order to have an uninterrupted teaching and learning activities.


“Farms for Orphanage Meals” ensures the availability, utilization and access to nutritious in-school meals. Community orphanages are supported by these Farms and key stakeholders to grow their own organic food. “Farms for Orphanage Meals” prioritizes the growing of staple crops, vegetables, and fruits. With produce from the farm, these children are offered a sustainable in-school nutritious meal for healthy growth and mental development.

Long-Term Impact

“Farms for Orphanage Meals”  increases school attendance, retention and active teaching and learning activities in schools by more than 25 percent. Reduction in the school’s feeding budget will also reflect the percentage reduction in the cost of accessing education. We use clinical methods to assess the nutritional status in collaboration with the local Nutrition Offices and the local Ministry of Health.