Introduction to PI

Project Isaac seeks to Bring Hope That Inspires Life-Change both in the USA, Ghana, and beyond.

In Ghana, we already do Health Screenings, run a Scholarship Program, and Donate items received, to Orphanages, Schools, and Prisons.

We have donated essentials such as  backpacks and school supplies to school kids prior to school year, sewing machines and food items to prisons.

Eventually, we want to be able to provide supplies to allow those in need to start a trade or craft in the small scale clothing, jewelry, or shoe making industries in a reliably self-sustaining way.

In the near future, we intend to undertake inner-city youth projects in the USA, with special emphasis on abused women and single mothers in need by providing essential life skills that may be as simple as creating a budget and how to balance a check books.

Genesis of PI / Why PI

Project Isaac was a dream birthed many years ago and inspired by the generous lifestyle of our father.

Isaac Kweku Wilmot is one of our greatest mentions and inspiration. Among the many qualities that made him special was his benevolence. He was hard wired to meet the needs of those he encountered even if it meant inconveniencing himself and his family. Through this we realized the impact a single person could make in bringing life change.  Time and again we have seen a resurgence of hope and joy that emerges when a life is positively impacted. This of course is no coincidence as the name Isaac in the Hebrew language Isaac means “ he will laugh / rejoice”.